Two Cases of Exploitation

2 channel video installation, 10m 30s loop, 2023

sound by 33.10.3402

This video was part of a project Solid Line Dashed Line by Milena Putnik, Suzana Gavrilovic, Milovan Milenkovic and myself. This project won the production prize on 2023 Art&Science competition organised by Center for Promotion of Science in Belgrade. Main topic of the project was the landscape transformed by exploitation of natural resources. We focused on two cases - state-owned coal mine Kolubara and marble mine on mountain Vencac, owned by a private company. It’s interesting to know that the state-owned company has a department that takes care of landscape after exploitation, while private company that exploits marble doesn’t have such a team. In my video installation, I made a direct comparison between those two cases, while adding some additional elements based on existing recultivation projects, as well as usual scenarios typical for local environment.