video, 8’, sound by 33.10.3402, 2013

The work Papierschnitzel contains cutouts of various landscapes that fit into each other, creating a completely different movable landscape. Most landscapes we observe while traveling have a logic of their own, a distinctive structure of planes, and essentially, they appear as a line of moving pictures. So, to decompose a scene into planes and rudimentary pictures, and then let these elements combine themselves arbitrarily, is in accord with how we observe things nowadays. It is not a big homogenous whole, but an array of elements that can be memorised separately and recombined when needed. Each possible interpretation of such a scene is as arbitrary as combination of the elements. We do not know the elements as such, but we may recognise them, since we may have already seen them elsewhere. Therefore, the act of watching those landscapes is very superficial. They represent visual material, whose liveliness we absorb as some kind of energy, but it’s content stays irrelevant.

Another important idea of the work is connected to the space in which an observer is positioned, the space of a vehicle. I spend a lot of time traveling by buses and trains and since all the other places are overloaded with practical activities, I can rarely spend time thinking in such a calm atmosphere like in a bus or a train. A lot of ideas can come to a person’s mind while watching those landscapes. In my case, when I recall some journeys, I can even relate certain ideas to the views I observed in that moment.


This video file is for preview purposes only and is not to be exhibited in any form without the written permission of the artist or Belgrade Youth Center.

Video Papierschnitzel is in the collection of Belgrade Youth Center.